HOKU Beistelltisch / side table


"As a part of his “One Design a Day” initiative wherein he develops a new product each day for a year, Designer Michael Hilgers has introduced his HOKU side table. Inspired by a ‘wave’ the bent table surface serves as a multifunctional side table.


The unique wave of the side table serves not only an aesthetic purpose but also creates a practical second level, allowing it to double up as a side table, a bedside table, magazine/newspaper rack, a folder rack, etc!


It is a universally applicable piece of furniture, catering to that which is absolutely necessary: unlimited functionality. Though solid in design, the table manages to project a softer feel, that of paper or lightweight fabric. While creating the illusion of being pushed against the wall, it becomes a part of any living space seamlessly. Available in a neutral Olive Green, the piece does indeed soothe our eyes..."    (YANKO design)


coming soon!